Understand the role of the social worker essay

Rankings Understanding the Role of Child Protective Services In the United States, Child Protective Services is a governmental agency run on the state level that was created to respond to reports of child abuse and neglect. Here are some frequently asked questions to better understand CPS and its workers. What is Child Protective Services?

Understand the role of the social worker essay

Download this Essay in word format. Role theory holds that the way in which people act is a result of the awareness of roles and the duties associated with them. For Joe Henry, the role players in his life perform their duties with such neglect and ambivalence that he is forced to compensate for their shortcomings and juggle multiple roles that he is unsuited for.

As a result, he finds himself in over his head and struggles to maintain a balance. In the end, he is arrested, which is actually the best thing that could have happened for him as it takes him out of the environment he is in and allows him to resume the role of just being a child.

He needs time to develop and mature and grow into the role of adult, and being taken into custody by the state is a good opportunity for that to happen. Hopefully, he will obtain a counselor who is more apt than the one he is assigned through school.

The social worker can provide emotional support and clarification to the patient and family as things unfold. Many times, the social worker acts as the voice of the individual and family, trying to explain to the consultants what their wishes are and advocating to allow them to be respected (Rothman, ). 1 Understand working relationships in health and social care Roles in health and social care: range of roles in health and social care eg adult social worker, paramedic, care manager, nursery worker. Writing is an important part of a social worker’s professional life. Often, a client’s welfare is dependent on the social worker’s ability to write in a professional manner. Three common types of professional writing in social work are case notes, assessments, and treatment plans.

The strengths of role theory are that it provides an explanation for how roles are conceived, perceived and adopted by persons in a social group. In a healthy familyroles are divided among individuals, typically a father, a mother, and children.

Role theory can help the social worker understand the behaviors of a delinquent child like Joe and give context for why he is always late for class, why he is stealing, and why he needs help growing up.

Thus, the strengths of role theory are found in its basic premise, which is that social groups define roles Koenig, Eagly, The weakness of role theory is found its limited scope.

Understand the role of the social care worker | Essay Example Assignment Understand the role of the social care worker. Aii Give two examples of different working relationships in an adult social care setting.

Oftentimes roles are ill-defined or not understood even by the actor. To assume that Joe is attempting to manage a diversity of roles that are beyond his ability and comprehension allows for a sympathetic approach to the subject, but it may not fully reflect the reality of the situation.Free Health and Social Care Essay Samples.

Our aim is to help you with your essays and our huge library of research material is available for you to use for your assignments. If you do use any part of our free Health and Social Care essay samples please remember to reference the work. Role Model Essay 1 ( words) I love my mom; I love her the most, is the thought that comes to my mind when I think about her.

She is the one who loves me . Understand The Role Of The Social Care Worker Essay Sample.

Understand the role of the social worker essay

A working relationship is with someone or a team of individuals not of your choosing. A personal relationship is with someone you like and choose to be around.

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Understand the Role of the Social Care Worker. /5(1). In the role of social worker, the practitioner is to demonstrate warmth and acceptance, show interest and understanding, be genuine, and intervene at a level appropriate to the client's needs.

Understand the role of the social worker essay

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