Pronto pizza analysis essay

Write a report which documents the logical design of a database to support the Information System requirements described in the Appendix A. Your logical design should be carried out using the top-down and bottom-up techniques that you have been taught in the module. For each entity found in the attached case study, provide a suitable name and a description.

Pronto pizza analysis essay

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Scapelli managed to eliminate the biases in the data through selecting the every 10th pizza delivery order and letting the customers inform their own pick-up times. The data is fine and appropriate for statistical use, and hence we can go through the statistical calculations.

Pronto pizza analysis essay

Statistical Efforts Using Excel, we found the standard deviation and mean of the sample data for the total delivery time, preparation time, waiting time and travel time. Further Recommendations for Improvement In order to catch up the targeted probability of exceeding 29 minutes, there are two things that Mr.


Scapelli can work on. First, he can take actions to decrease the expected time of the total delivery time. Alternatively, he can consider decreasing the variance of the delivery times. The breakdown of the total delivery time into preparation time, waiting time and travel time gives us some ideas for the improvement.

The small standard deviation compared to the mean implies that the preparation process is pretty standard and variance of the preparation time is not very high.

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This is mostly due to the cooking requirements of the pizza. Maybe a new oven can be purchased for speeding up the cooking, however the oven capacity is sufficient at the moment.

The average waiting time could be acceptable; however the variance of the waiting time is pretty high. What the management can do is that they can hire additional drivers to decrease the average waiting time as well as and more necessarily the variance of the waiting time.Watch video · I'm Mike Figliuolo, and I'd like to share with you a strategic planning method that can help you with those issues.

This is the same method that's used by the global elite consulting firms. Fortune corporations use this very same method and I personally use it with clients of mine.

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Jan 04,  · Making a pizza is as not difficult as you think. Just prepare a bowl, an oven, flour, salt, cooking oil, some water, sauce, mozzarella, mushroom, and bell paper.

Then you can follow these three steps to guide you make a delicious pizza.

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