Homeless animals

Animal Shelter Adopt a dog or cat today Every year thousands of animals are dropped off at the side of the road because owners didn? Other times, pet owners simply cannot afford to take care of an animal anymore or they are moving to a home that won?

Homeless animals

The main reason for this is because we usually identify one group as friends and the other as foodeven though both are comprised of highly sentient, intelligent Homeless animals playful beings. What this post is really about is exposing the hard truth: Cruelty and neglect aside, this is perhaps the biggest issue in the companion animal world that can actually be solved.

While a number of U. This demand is what fuels the growth of cruel puppy mill operations, which pump out puppy after puppy, many with medical problems, simply for profit.

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There are in fact plenty of honorable dog and cat breeders out there. However, the tragedy is that there are millions of homeless dogs and cats in the U. So the question remains: There are about 70 million stray animals living in the U.

That evens out to about five homeless animals for every Homeless animals person in the U. Out of six to eight million cats and dogs, one in four animals brought into shelters are pit bulls or pit-associated breeds and mixes — currently the most wrongly marginalized dogs in the U.

Around 10 percent of animals entering shelters have been spayed or neutered, which is problematic considering in just six years, one un-spayed female dog and her offspring can create 67, dogs and one un-spayed female cat and her offspring can producekittens in seven years, reports Watatuga Humane Society.

About 30 percent of shelter dogs are eventually reclaimed by their guardians, with cats far behind at only 2 to 5 percent. Know what this means?

Homeless animals

Nearly half of all animals that arrive in U. Five out of every ten shelter dogs each year amounts to about 5, euthanized dogs every day.

Of all the dogs that enter the shelter system, pit bull types have it the worst with a shockingly high euthanasia rate of 93 percent. To pay for all of this — the impoundment, sheltering, euthanasia and subsequent disposal of homeless animals — U.

We can also enact change at all levels of our society from the local level no killspay and neuter, and trap-neuter-release programs, anyone?

We can make sure that no cat or dog becomes a heartbreaking statistic ever again — we need only step up to the plate and never back down.


Sign up for our newsletter below! And the impact of this loss demonstrates the importance of working to protect the remaining orcas. How to Make Informed Decisions We recently traveled to a remote part of the Hudson Bay in northeastern Canada to watch wild polar bears.

These animals are iconic, rare, and getting rarer all the time, and to see them moving about freely in their native habitat was profoundly moving.

The organization was able to humanely trap seven of the dogs within a couple of days and immediately brought them to the veterinarian for much-needed treatment.Homeless animals. likes. We advocate for any animal that needs a home, and post lost and found animals.

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If you have any questions or requests please. Abandoned pets are companion animals that are either inadvertently or deliberately cast off by their owners.

This commonly occurs when an owner dies, when a pet becomes disruptive or grows too large, or if the pet was acquired mtb15.com financial crisis of – has resulted in a number of pets abandoned for economic reasons.

Typical of this group are pets left behind when the. Dogs and cats are by far the most loved animals across the board, receiving much more attention than other domestic animals like cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. The main reason for. ISAR conceived and began International Homeless Animals’ Day (IHAD) in IHAD activities often include vigils, spay/neuter clinics, and adopt-a-thons.

The Columbus Humane Society Is: • A group of volunteers dedicated to providing a safe, loving, and permanent home for all companion animals. Giant Annual Tag Sale Spring of ! Click Here!: Spay & Neuter License Plate Friends of Dave will donate 5% of your purchase at Dave's Soda and Pet Food City to Concerned Citizens for Animals!

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