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Legion of Doom - Doom's Masters of Evil. Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards: In the second game especially.

Finder love psp wiki

These fictional experiments, also referred to as Stitch's cousins, are genetically engineered creatures created by Dr. The Moviethe container was accidentally opened and the pods rained down on the island of Kauai.

The experiments within the pods are reactivated upon contact in water, a point of concern because many of the experiments are dangerous and Kauai hosts one of the wettest spots on Earth. Upon encountering each experiment, Stitch 's human friend and partner Lilo gives the experiment a name just as she gave Stitch his name.

The two then attempt to rehabilitate the experiments and find a purpose for them on Earth that suits their specific abilities, referred to as the "one true place" they belong. Contents Background Biology Due to different experiments' original purposes, most experiments each have a unique appearance, powers and weaknesses.

Finder love psp wiki

Though all experiments have unique capabilities and functions, most of them have some abilities in common. For one thing, most seem capable of scaling walls like a gecko as Stitch frequently does ; many are able to grow and retract an extra pair of arms and they all seem to be immune to aging, as the experiments remain the same while Lilo and the rest of humanity age 20 years in " Skip ".

It is also shown that some experiments' powers such as Mr. Stenchy 's cuteness, and Checkers 's hypnotic effect do not affect other experiments, possibly so that these powers do not interfere other experiments from carrying out their primary functions.

If affected by other experiments' powers, it might be temporary as Stitch managed to recover from Drowsy 's sleep inducing program without being exposed to water. Though Angel primarily reverts other experiments before her time to evil, Amnesio and Retro can do so as well.

It is also shown that when an experiment is dehydrated, they will deactivate and turn into a small orb called an experiment pod.

If an experiment pod gets wet, the experiment will be reactivated and released. According to Jumba, a home food dehydrator is the only known method of deactivating an experiment a second time. Creation Upon each experiment's creation, it is important that their molecules be charged.

If an experiment's molecules are not fully charged, about a year after their creation, they will suffer glitches, during which they will experience seizures and temporarily revert to their original programming.

If the molecular charging process is not completed, these glitches will eventually burn out the experiment's circuits and kill them.

Experiment series The first digit of the experiment numbers reflect what series of experiment they belong to.

Finder love psp wiki

The official series of experiments, as stated by Jess Winfield, one of the executive producers, are as follows: Jumba's test batch, including many household helpers.rom Download for PSP Finder Love - Hara Fumina - Fuari no Futaride (Japan) ISO/10(K).

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