English business writing exercises

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English business writing exercises

Unlike other things you will write at work, you can be sure that what you write in them will not only be read by senior management, but will be used to make important decisions in the company or organisation.

If you have never written a business report before, it is difficult to know what you have to do. Although you can read web pages or books on how to write the perfect business report, until you actually have to use a business report yourself to help you make decisions, you won't know what you have to include and not include and how you should present and structure it.

To help you do this, I have created the below exercise an example with a quiz on writing business reports.

english business writing exercises

Instead of telling you what you should do to write a good business report, you will learn yourself what makes one. When you english business writing exercises this exercise, put yourself in the position of a manager who has asked one of their staff to write a report for them.

And they have produced the below report for you. When reading the report, ask yourself: Is it clear what the report is about? Do you trust what they have written? Does it contain all the appropriate information you need to make the right decisions? The purpose of this exercise is for you to learn what type of things you have to include and not include in a report and how to structure one.

Although you can use the example below to learn words and phrases that you can use in your own reports, don't focus on this when reading the example.

english business writing exercises

I have created another online exercise for ' learning the vocbulary to use in business reports ' for this. Once you have done the below exercise and learnt what makes a good reportI would recommend that you then focus on learning vocabulary to use in them. The report Imagine that you are the manager of a customer services department in a small bank.

A recent customer survey has shown that a lot of customers are not happy with the service provided by the help desk which takes customer calls.

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You have asked one of your staff to review the performance of the help desk and make recommendations on how it can be improved. Below is the report that they have created: Report on the customer help desk's inbound customer call performance Introduction The following report evaluates the current performance level of our customer help desk based in Pudsey, Leeds.

This report was produced in response to the results of a recent customer survey. This survey identified a high level of customer dissatisfaction with our company's help desk.

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Of the customers who left a rating for the help desk in the survey, of those rated the service as bad or terrible. The purpose of this report is to identify failings with the current set up of the help desk which could account for this low customer rating.

And to recommend changes to the help desk to improve the service provided to customers. Procedure The findings which are contained in this report are predominantly based on a combination of statistics from the help desk's call management system CallCom and random monitoring of calls in total between customers and help desk analysts.Telephone English – Business English lessons for telephoning in English and making phone calls in English.

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