Advanced entrepreneurship innovation

The interdisciplinary certificate program provides students an opportunity to gain business skills they can use in starting a business without a large time commitment. It is flexible so that students can design a program that provides core entrepreneurship education through Management as well as discipline-specific training from entrepreneurship courses in other colleges. The objectives of the Graduate Certificate program are: To teach students the process through which new ventures are created regardless of their organization Enhance discipline-specific opportunity recognition, prepare students from any background to understand the process through which ideas are implemented into the market or an organization Provide interdisciplinary instruction by integrating business-related entrepreneurship education with college-specific entrepreneurship training To ensure students understand the role of innovation and develop creative abilities in entrepreneurship.

Advanced entrepreneurship innovation

But how do they manage the market entry and growth of their ventures? What type of strategies can they implement to achieve sustainable competitive advantage?

What are overall challenges they are facing? These are examples of fundamental questions that will be addressed in MAN Advanced Entrepreneurship. We will address the path from Seed Stage to Series A and beyond. You do not need any other prerequisites to join except for passion for Entrepreneurship and Startups.

Entrepreneurial managers require an in-depth understanding of the ongoing challenges in key functional areas such as innovation and technology management, management of fast growth, finance attracting venture capital, valuation of a business, exit decisionhuman resource management, strategic management, Advanced entrepreneurship innovation of internationalization and related issues.

Next to theory, guest lecturers and startup events will deepen your insights on entrepreneurship in practice and provide room to ask current entrepreneurs questions about how they manage their ventures and startup life cycle.

By the end of this course, students will have gained fundamental knowledge on theoretical and practical entrepreneurial mechanisms.

Students will be turned into critical thinkers that can evaluate entrepreneurial topics from various perspectives.

Some of the domains we touch upon such as entrepreneurial finance could be a complete course in their own Advanced entrepreneurship innovation.

This course aims at the big picture: Starting with entrepreneurial strategy, we will set the frame of what is essential to grow the business.

Advanced entrepreneurship innovation

You will be familiarized with the high-tech business life-cycle and relevant stages therein. Thus, you will be knowledgeable about marketing in the growing venture, high-performance entrepreneurial teams, familiar with opportunities and challenges in internationalization and gain basic knowledge on valuation, venture capital and entrepreneurial finance in general.

Toward the end of the course, we will look into more specialized issues facing entrepreneurs at later stages financing and term sheets.

Advanced entrepreneurship innovation

In general, you will also be provided with a strong theoretical basis to conduct future research e. The case presentations will foster your skills of applying entrepreneurial tools, your problem-based learning and your team working skills. Students will be well-prepared to conduct their own research given that they complete MAN in addition in their master thesis and will be given plenty of opportunities and triggers to advance their own entrepreneurial thinking and careers.

Founders and experts will come to our Startup Lounges and Founder Talks - these inspirational events go hand in hand with this class and your attendance of these open to public inspirational events is strongly recommended. Overall, the course is intensive and requires students to carefully prepare, read and understand the course material remember that 6 ECTS are a total workload of up to hrs.

Active attendance and participation is strongly recommended. If you like theory and reading next to some practical insights or just want to obtain a solid foundation in what is entrepreneurship and see where the inspiration will take you, MAN is the proper class for you.

You do not need MAN as a prerequisite. Learning Outcomes By the end of this course students will have gained fundamental insights into theoretical perspectives on entrepreneurship have learned tools that facilitate growing a business have some idea on how investors look at new ventures will be acquainted with case study training and elements of problem-based learning PBL will have improved their case solving and presentation skills have a solid foundation for, e.

You should choose MAN if you You should, however, not choose MAN if you Our interactive style of teaching and a wealth of readings will get you frustrated — focus is set on understanding concepts rather than memorizing them. Please note that attendance is restricted to 60 participants.

If there are more registrations than spots available, spots will be assigned randomly and those not obtaining a spot will be assigned to a waiting list due to fairness criteria we cannot perform first-come first served.

By the second day of class, your decision to stay in the class must be final, so that students on the waiting list have a fair chance.

Usually, all students are granted a spot after the registration process consolidates.Green sectors, such as renewable energy and sustainable agriculture, are some of the most important economic sectors for meeting the targets agreed in the Paris Climate Accord, achieving the. SDG Innovation Lab facilitated by Deloitte.

The talents went through a facilitated process of innovation, uniquely tailored by UNLEASH and Deloitte. They formed teams to explore real-life challenges within the 7 themes from multiple angles, before defining specific problems and coming up .

Apply now for Kingston University London's Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship MSc degree. The course aims to equip you with practical knowledge on key issues surrounding innovation management and entrepreneurship from the perspective of firms, including lean start up techniques, innovation management, effective entrepreneurship (soft skills), entrepreneurial finance, managing .

Currently Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at New York Institute of Technology and Managing Director at Propel Ventures LLC.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate The certificate allows post-graduate students from any discipline to learn about entrepreneurship, innovation, and the new venture creation process.

The interdisciplinary certificate program provides students an opportunity to gain business skills they can use in starting a business without a large.

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